What a Difference A Day Makes

Everyone is well aware that modern dentistry can work wonders when it comes to improving the form, function and appearance of their teeth. But many people associate these improvements with multiple dentist visits that are drawn out over weeks — or even months.

But this is no longer the case for all patients. Thanks to modern procedures and new technologies, patients now can see dramatic, permanent improvements, in one day, from a single office visit.

While some dental and medical conditions are not suitable for a one-day procedure, the majority of patients are surprised to find that beautiful, new, permanent implants or replacement teeth can be placed in a single visit.

With “Immediate Function” procedures, there’s an initial consultation in which the patient’s teeth are evaluated following CT scans and digital impressions. That provides information necessary to prepare dental implants ahead of time, so everything is ready when they arrive for their next appointment. Another important treatment a prosthodontist will consider is Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) which use your own resources to speed healing and eliminates the risk of rejection. All of these contribute to optimal patient treatment outcome.

What’s more, these procedures are not only done in less time, but also typically involve less cost. The presence of an On-Site Dental Implant Lab can also enhance the savings in both cost and time.

And, for Baby Boomers and seniors, the natural wear and tear that comes with lifestyle or aging can create conditions that require restoring the functionality and appearance of their teeth. Few things in life are as important as health, happiness and self-esteem. A healthy, attractive smile not only radiates well-being, but can also boost confidence. Advances in implant technology and minimally invasive surgery mean that failing or missing teeth can be replaced in a single visit, so you can enjoy a brighter, healthier smile in a matter of hours!

Great results, in less time, and often at less cost. That’s something we can all smile about.

Palm Beach Dental Specialists offers one-day procedures for the replacement of one tooth, a few teeth, or a full set of teeth and frequently collaborates with patients and their family dentists when there is a need for highly specialized reconstructive expertise. Out-of-state dentists often consult with the PBDS team when the advice of a specialist is called for, and patients often are sent to Palm Beach for more complex procedures.

Want to know more? Click here to see a few “before and after” case histories and to see the full ranges of services covered by modern prosthodontics.

If you have a specific issue that you wish to address, consult your family dentist, or contact Palm Beach Dental Specialists at info@pbdentalspecialists.com and tell us about it.