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The Art of Expression

Dr. Clive Boner and Dr. Eli Friedman have more than 50 years of advanced education and combined experience. When you choose to work with our prosthodontics, you enlist the expertise of nationally-renowed specialists trained to restore both the function and aesthetic appeal of your smile.

The Specialists

 Meet Dr. Clive Boner

Clive Boner graduated from University of Witwatersrand’s dental school in 1973 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed a post-graduate course in general physiology there in 1975. He was in general practice in London, England from 1973 to 1974 and in Johannesburg, South Africa from 1974 to1977. He received his Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Prosthodontics from the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry in 1979.

Since 1979, Dr. Clive Boner has maintained a private prosthodontics practice in Palm Beach. He is a member of the Palm Beach County Dental Society, the Florida Dental Association, the American Dental Association, The American College of Prosthodontists and is a Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Boner has lectured nationally and internationally on various aspects of Prosthodontics.

Meet Dr. Eli Friedman

In 1978, Dr. Eli Friedman received his D.M.D from the prestigious Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. He then returned to his hometown of Toronto, Canada where he joined two of the most renowned prosthodontic practices, focusing on cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

After six years of hands-on experience, Dr. Friedman completed an additional three-year post-graduate Speciality Certificate in Prosthodontics at Nova Southeastern University, School of Dental Medicine. His training was focused on full mouth care. In 2006, Dr. Friedman was appointed Chief Resident of Post-Graduate Prosthodontists. He has lectured and presented extensively on dental implants, case presentation and was appointed teaching assignments at Nova Southeastern University.



Reasons to Smile

Simply put, we have a depth of experience in the procedures that help your teeth look, feel and function better. If your teeth have suffered any type of damage, or if you’re simply not content with the way they look and feel, we have an answer. The smile you’ve always wanted is closer than you think.

Dental Implants

Why implants?

The loss of one or more teeth can be a traumatic experience. You may feel self-conscious about your appearance, miss eating your favorite foods, or worry about the potential for bone deterioration. Loss of the entire tooth requires a solution that goes beyond veneers and crowns. For patients who want a permanent remedy, the solution is dental implants.

What are implants?

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. With implants, you can eat virtually anything and smile with confidence knowing that your teeth appear natural and your facial contours will be preserved.

How does the procedure work?

Scans are preformed to digitally capture the structure of your teeth and gums. Once the implants are created, they will act as substitute roots for your new teeth. Our specialists will then surgically place the tiny titanium posts into your jawbone to create a stable foundation for teeth that perfectly complement your smile.


Restore form and function

There are instances in life in which it is wisest to seek out the best and most experienced resources you can find. This is especially true in the area of dental reconstruction. Dr. Boner and Dr. Friedman are true prosthodontics specialists, trained to meet even the most extreme and complex challenges. Whether the result of age, genetics, lifestyle or an accident, we have the expertise to return your teeth to an attractive, healthy and aesthetically pleasing state.

A fresh start

Is it really possible to evolve to a beautiful, improved smile in a single day? At Palm Beach Dental Specialists, the answer is yes. Advances in implant technology and minimally invasive surgery give us the ability to replace failing or missing teeth in one visit. This means you can avoid the inconvenient ‘middle step’ of temporary dentures, and start enjoying a brighter, healthier smile the moment you leave our office. To find out if this process is right for you, contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.

Oral Cosmetics

Porcelain Veneers

One of the most popular ways of improving the appearance of your smile is through the use of porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin shells of ceramic that bond directly to the front surfaces of your teeth. Because of their simplicity and versatility, they are widely viewed as an ideal choice for dramatically improving your smile.


If you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored or misaligned, bonding is a restorative technique that provides an alternative to veneers. In bonding, a pliable liquid solution is placed on the tooth, which is shaped and polished as it hardens and bonds to your tooth. For patients who want to bring a dramatic improvement to their appearance in the convenience of a single visit, bonding may be the optimum solution.

Inlays and onlays

When more than half of the tooth’s biting surface is damaged, we often recommend an inlay or onlay. These are normally larger or thicker than veneers, and can be made of porcelain, precious or semi-precious metals or a composite. An inlay is similar to a filling, and is used inside the cusp tips of the tooth. An onlay is a more substantial reconstruction, extending out over one or more of the cusps of the tooth.

Facial Aesthetics


At Palm Beach dental Specialists, we compliment our dental services with facial procedures that create subtle, natural improvements. Combined with other “one session” improvements such as teeth whitening or bonding, our clients walk away with a more youthful and attractive appearance in just one visit. If you are experiencing jaw pain or headaches, the use of Botox to relax facial muscles may help alleviate the pain.


Dermal fillers are an attractive and affordable alternative to surgical facelifts. Dermal fillers add volume beneath selected areas of the face to create a more natural and youthful look. Proven solutions like Juvederm, Voluma and Belotero are used by millions of people to achieve a more relaxed and smooth facial appearance while still having freedom of expression.


Selectively relaxing certain facial muscles can alleviate a wide range of mild to moderate facial pain, due to headaches, migraines, stress or TMJ. In addition, they can help achieve a marked improvement in appearance, both by reducing the stress from pain, and by smoothing lines around the mouth and other facial areas prone to wrinkles.


Generations of Excellence

The true measure of our success is found in the beautiful smiles we’ve envisioned and created for our patients clients. For over 35 years many families have entrusted us when only the best will do. Our team will see your treatment through until you are proud to show the world the smile you were meant to have.


Give Yourself Something To Smile About

The first step towards a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment at Palm Beach Dental Specialists. Please contact our office by phone or complete the appointment request form below. Our scheduling coordinator will contact you to confirm your appointment.