Practice Partnerships

Palm Beach: Relax, Network & Learn
We’re extremely proud of the relationships we’ve forged with dental professionals over the years. By collaborating with your team, we help you better serve your patients by providing access to a broad range of prosthodontic services as a seamless extension of your dental practice.
In Palm Beach Dental Specialists, you have a partner with a tremendous depth of expertise in simple to complex prosthodontics. For your complex patient cases, or for patients who travel to Palm Beach, we offer you an experienced resource that respects your role as the patient’s primary dental care provider. Our partnerships are local, national and international, and will be tailored to your requests. We can also be engaged in a consultative capacity to review complex prosthodontic procedures.
We routinely host dental colleagues at seasonal events in the Palm Beach area to share insights into the most current prosthodontic advances. These events allow us to develop our relationship on both a personal and professional level. Our workshops are also an ideal way to become familiar with our practice and at the same time enjoy the lush Palm Beach atmosphere.