Chewing Gum In The Name Of Dental Health

Dental implants have become a popular option among various age groups looking to fill an immediate need, as well as improving the overall quality of their smile. Although this has proven to be a beneficial route to take, there are still some instances in which problems have occurred later down the line. Like any procedure, patients run the risk of complications with their new additions.

The good news is, reliable and affordable testing may be coming sooner than we think. A pharmaceutical team in Germany has been working to develop a diagnostic test that will allow dentist and patient alike to determine whether or not someone is carrying a certain type of bacteria that would leave them prone to a painful, inflammatory complication down the road.

It gets better. This specific test involves a rather enjoyable way to get the job done. The answer? Chewing gum. The gum itself will release a bittering agent if there is an inflammation in the oral cavity. Once the patient completes the test, they would then follow up with a medical professional for the proper treatment.

The fact that anyone can use this test as a tool to inspect oral care, should prove to be key in the public’s ability to maintain a healthy smile. Catching these signs early and receiving a timely diagnosis can help to ensure that one would not have to go through the pain and inconvenience later. Click here to find out more on this new test.